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Up & Down Systems for Security, modern design and unobstructed view!

At En Oiko Shading Systems, in Serres, you will find folding outdoor crystals in any desired dimensions and colors. You can place them in your business space for wind protection, heat retention and a view of the wider outdoor space.

Windbreak Systems, Modern Side Covering Systems

At En Oiko Shading Systems we undertake the complete study and implementation of the construction at your place!

  1. They are placed either independently, or in special constructions with metal bases, or between existing columns or in planters.
  2. You can maximize the use of your outdoor space in any weather condition!
  3. It is possible to combine them with Pergolas!
  4. The crystals move vertically in aluminum frames!
  5. Their metal parts are made of aluminum profiles, electrostatically painted in RAL colors of your choice.
  6. They consist of 2 3mm thick crystals + 3mm triplex for high security and protection!
  7. They are easy to use as with a simple movement of the counterweight we almost double its height!

Trust our company and choose folding crystals that will stand out for their high quality, ergonomics and impeccable design!


Here at En Oiko Shading Systems, we are looking forward
to finding the right shading solution for your space!