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The ideal way of shading
all year long!

At our company En Oiko Shading Systems, in Serres, we also have bioclimatic pergolas, which offer the maximum performance of shading and coverage all year round. This is because bioclimatic pergolas have the ability to function smoothly under any weather condition, while regulating the temperature of your space! They are extremely resistant to snow and all extreme weather conditions.


In our company you will find 2 different series of bioclimatic pergola:


Let’s discuss about bioclimatic pergolas and their attributes, as well as the possibility of placing them in your own space. And don’t forget that all pergola systems -apart from their usability- are also a decorative element of your space. You can therefore, be completely protected from the weather, but also enhance the aesthetics and architecture of your home or business!

Here at En Oiko Shading Systems, we are looking forward
to finding the right shading solution for your space
& your personal taste!