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We answer your questions
& choose, together, the awning you need!

Because they are branded awnings with high specifications and quality, features that contribute to the overall reliability of the build and, of course, to their durability over time.

Above all, ask for information about the materials from which the awning fabric is made. We can help you choose the right one for your space. For example, polyester fabrics are suitable for domestic spaces due to their thermal insulation, waterproofing and high resistance to time, while acrylic cloths are suitable for professional areas and large-scale systems, due to their light weight, elasticity and their wide color range.

Another very important factor that you should pay attention to is that the awning fabric filters the sun’s radiation and provides the required protection from harmful UV radiation. Consequently, an approved awning fabric has specifications that filter this radiation, to a degree of at least 90%.

Finally, make sure the awning fabric is also energy efficient! You can reduce heat inside a home by about 20% for dark colors and over 30% for light colors, depending on outside conditions. In cases where there are increased thermal insulation needs, you can choose a black-out fabric.

An awning system with bars solves the problem of support in large openings. It absorbs shock in strong winds and provides sway elasticity under the weight of wind pressure! It is placed under beams, in places with little room for hanging, while there are other details about its characteristics, which we will analyze during your cooperation with our company.

To complete the construction of your awning, the right choice of arms is required, such as: aluminum arms of light/medium or heavy duty and electrostatically painted in a variety of colors. Thus, the best technically, as well as aesthetically, choice is ensured. With us you will find modern color suggestions and absolute construction reliability. Because you can protect yourself from the sun, while enhancing the architecture of your home or business!

Here at En Oiko Shading Systems, we are looking forward
to finding the right shading solution for your space
& your personal taste!