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Innovative shading solutions!

Choose vertical boxes to hermetically close your space and isolate it from the sun, rain, hail & wind! The box awnings can be painted in the colors of your choice and are shading solutions of high aesthetics and technology.

Shading cassette vertical, for lateral coverage

An innovatively designed aluminum system with gelatin-cloth or other material, which allows the use of perforated fabric for visual communication with the natural environment, but also complete protection from all weather conditions!

For vertical cassettes we can provide you with easy adjustment, high aesthetics and durability. This shading solution is suitable for large outdoor areas or for catering and leisure areas.


Εlectric drive

Choice of electric drive and remote control.

epilogi xromaton

Choice of Colors

Colors of your choice, according to international color standards.

antiiliaki prostasia

Sun protection

Certified protection against harmful UV radiation.

antoxi ston ilio

Sun resistance

Tested resistance to chronic exposure to the sun.


Resistance to Rain and Wind

Great resistance to rain, humidity and wind conditions.

Aluminum colors

Cover Material Color


Here at En Oiko Shading Systems, we are looking forward
to finding the right shading solution for your space
& your personal taste!